E-Business and E-commerce Engineering

Regisrtration Guideline

Registration Fee

Please choose the proper category for you and complete the registration before due date. If you are not sure which item to be chosen, please check with the conference secretary.

Registration Category Authors Presenters Listeners
Regular $500 $350 $300
EBEE 2019 Reviewer $450 $300 $250
Students $450 $300 $250
Additional Paper(s) $350 --- ---
Extra Page(s) $50 $50 $50
City Visit $100 $100 $100
Registration Fee Includes (Authors)

1. 15 minutes Oral presentation / Poster Presentation for every author and presenter

2. Conference Proceedings for participants who registered with full paper.

3. Conference program and accesseries.

4. Certificate of participation.

5. Lunch, coffee breaks and Dinner on Dec. 22.

6. All sessions are available.

Registration Fee Includes (Listeners)

1. Conference program and accesseries.

2. Certificate of participation.

3. Lunch, coffee breaks and Dinner on Dec. 22.

4. All sessions are available.

Noted on Registration

1. Each paper must be no more than 5 pages (including the abstract, figures, tables, and references). Extra pages will be charged $50 (US dollars) per extra page.

2. At least one of the authors listed on the accepted paper must pay the registration by the requested registration deadline.

3. The student price is only applicable to the First auhtor who is a full-time student currently.

4. If it is difficult to pay by USD, EURO and RMB are acceptable. Before you make payment by EURO or RMB, please let the conference secretary know.

5. The payment methods will be indicated on the registration form, for which the download link will be indicated on the notification letter. Please look out for your email.

6. For those listeners, who do not need to submit a paper or an abstract to the conference, we advise you to register online, whihc is quick and easy. (Click)

7. Please upload the required documents:①final paper; ②signed copyright form; ③payment proof to the system to finish the registration. After the conference secretary review all the documents you uploaded, a confirmation email for your registration will be sent to you from the conference secretary.

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