E-Business and E-commerce Engineering

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Luiz Moutinho, University of Suffolk, England

Professor Luiz Moutinho (BA, MA, PhD, FCIM), luizammoutinho@gmail.com, is Visiting Professor of Marketing at Suffolk Business School, Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science, University of Suffolk, Ipswich, England, and at the Universidade Europeia and the Marketing School, Portugal. He is Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of the South Pacific, Fiji. During 2015 - 2017 he was professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research at the DCU Business School, Dublin City University, Ireland. This was the first Chair in the world on both domains - BioMarketing and Futures Research. Previously, and for 20 years, he had been appointed as the Foundation Chair of Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2017 Luiz Moutinho received a degree of Professor Honoris Causa from the University of Tourism and Management Skopje, North Macedonia. His areas of research interest encompass bio-marketing, neuroscience in marketing, algorithmic self, EmoWear - a wearable tech device that detects human emotions, evolutionary algorithms, human-computer interaction, the use of artificial neural networks in marketing, modelling consumer behaviour, futures research, marketing futurecast and tourism and marketing. Professor Moutinho has over 150 articles published in refereed academic journals, 34 books and more than 12,000 academic citations, the h-index of 51 and the i10-index of 178 (February, 2019).

Speech Title: Management FUTURITION - Liquid Models, The Fluid Organisation, Organisation 3.0, Agile and Pop-Up Workplaces…

Abstract: The talk starts by addressing some realities of this exponential change flux impacting on society ,especially within the technological realm. Shifting Values in the world are also mentioned and the resulting need for Value-Based Management . This means….companies with a purpose. Other key trends and concepts will be covered like, insourcing long-term value sharing , the redesigned organization , the fluid organization , Organization 3.0 , Business Colonies , Agile Workplaces , Additive Manufacturing , Personal Fabrication , Strategic Agility and the Predictive Enterprise

Prof. Kun-Huang Huarng, National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan

Prof. Kun-Huang Huarng received Ph.D. in Texas A&M University, Texas, U.S.A. (1993). He is Professor of Product Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Vice President of National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan; Associate Editor in Journal of Innovation & Knowledge; Editor-in-Chief in International Journal of Business Economics; Associate Editor in Journal of Business Research; Founder Governor of Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA). Also, he is Life Fellow of International Society of Management Engineers and received Outstanding Service Award in the Literati Network 2008 Awards for Excellence, Emerald (2008).



Assoc. Prof. Ahmed Abdelgawad, Central Michigan University, USA

Dr. Ahmed Abdelgawad received his M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2007 and 2011 and subsequently joined IBM as a Design Aids & Automation Engineering Professional at Semiconductor Research and Development Center. In Fall 2012 he joined Central Michigan University as a Computer Engineering Assistant Professor. In Fall 2017, Dr. Abdelgawad was early promoted as a Computer Engineering Associate Professor. He is a senior member of IEEE. His area of expertise is distributed computing for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), data fusion techniques for WSN, low power embedded system, video processing, digital signal processing, Robotics, RFID, Localization, VLSI, and FPGA design. He has published two books and more than 78 articles in related journals and conferences. Dr. Abdelgawad served as a reviewer for several conferences and journals, including IEEE WF-IoT, IEEE ISCAS, IEEE SAS, IEEE IoT Journal, IEEE Communications Magazine, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE Transactions on VLSI, and IEEE Transactions on I&M. He severed in the technical committees of IEEE ISCAS 2007, IEEE ISCAS 2008, and IEEE ICIP 2009 conferences. He served in the administration committee of IEEE SiPS 2011. He also served in the organizing committee of ICECS2013 and 2015. Dr. Abdelgawad was the publicity chair in North America of the IEEE WF-IoT 2016/18/19 conferences. He was the finance chair of the IEEE ICASSP 2017. He is the TPC Co-Chair of I3C'17, the TPC Co-Chair of GIoTS 2017, and the technical program chair of IEEE MWSCAS 2018. He was the keynote speaker for many international conferences and conducted many webinars. He is currently the IEEE Northeast Michigan section chair and IEEE SPS Internet of Things (IoT) SIG Member. In addition, Dr. Abdelgawad served as a PI and Co-PI for several funded grants from NSF.

Speech Title: How Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact E-commerce Business?

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, using integrated sensors and other devices, collects and transmits data. The collected data is then analyzed to optimize products, services, and procedures. The IoT has become an integral part of our daily lives through applications such as public safety, intelligent tracking in transportation, industrial wireless automation, personal health monitoring, health care for the aged community, E-Commerce, and E-Business. IoT is expected to have a huge impact on e-commerce businesses. Experts estimate that as of now, there are 23 billion connected devices, and by 2020 it would reach 30 billion devices. As more sensors get connected and gain smart features, more data will be gathered to enhance the consumer experience. This talk aims to introduce the foundations of IoT and its impact on E-Commerce Business.

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