Keynote Speakers

Prof. Selwyn Piramuthu, University of Florida, USA

Selwyn has been at the University of Florida since Fall 1991. He taught in the Operations and Information Management department at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2001. He has also held teaching and/or research visiting appointments at a few other institutions. His research and teaching interests include artificial intelligence, cryptography, database management, data mining/machine learning, and simulation including their applications in computer integrated manufacturing, e-commerce, financial credit scoring, healthcare, RFID, supply chain management, and workflow management.




Prof. Shaofeng Liu, Plymouth University, UK

Shaofeng Liu is Professor of Operations Management and Decision Making at University of Plymouth, UK. She is currently the Associate Head of School for Research and Innovation for Plymouth Business School. Her main research interests and expertise are in knowledge management, decision support systems, business digitalization and E-Commerce, as well as enterprise information systems applications for supply chain management, resource efficiency, process improvement, quality management and value chain innovation. She obtained her PhD degree from Loughborough University, UK. She has undertaken a great number of influential research projects funded by UK research councils and European Commission with a total value of over €40M. Currently, she is the Principal Investigator for three Horizon 2020 projects funded by European Commission. She has published over 180 peer-reviewed research papers.

She sits on the Management Board for Euro Working Group on Decision Support Systems, an international professional society dedicated to decision making and decision support systems. She is the Associate Editor for International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST) since 2015 and for Journal of Decision Systems (2013-2018), and Senior Editor for Cogent Business and Management (2015-2019). In 2020, she published a new book on “Knowledge Management - An Interdisciplinary Approach for Business Decisions”. For more details, please refer to her professional website:

Title: Innovative Business Models Fit for the Digital Era

Abstract: Emerging digital technologies have revolutionised businesses in all aspects, from creating sophisticated products and services using e-collaboration and smart design, through e-purchasing and e-distribution, to social media marketing and omni-channel retailing. While business strategies and operations are forced to adapt to the digital era, business model innovation has attracted great attention from researchers and practitioners, in order to better define value propositions, identify value beneficiaries, design value delivery chains and capture values from multiple dimensions (i.e. economic, social and environmental values).
This talk will take healthcare value chain as an example and discuss the development of an innovative business model from a network perspective. An integrative research methodology has been used for primary research. Both in-depth and structured interviews have been undertaken to collect primary data from 8 countries across Europe. The data have been analysed using a combination of three complementary methods, namely, thematic analysis, TISM (Total Interpretive Structural Model) and MICMAC (Cross-Impact Matrix Multiplication Applied to Classification). Research findings will be presented in detail. The research is part of a five-year (2018-2022), collaborative EU Horizon 2020 project, AiPBAND (, aiming at creating a digital, international platform to support technology innovation in healthcare, in particular, for brain cancer diagnosis. The innovative business model provides practical guidance for the technology commercialisation and application in real businesses within the healthcare value chain.

Prof. Yuan Sun, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China

Yuan Sun is professor and deputy Dean of School of Business Administration at Zhejiang Gongshang University, China.His main research interests include IT/IS usage, IT/IS Innovation, enterprise social media and electronic commerce. His research has been published in various journals, such as Information & Management, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, International Journal of Information Management, Enterprise Information Systems, Electronic Markets, Computers in Human Behavior, Computers in Industry, Computers & Education, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Industrial Management & Data Systems, and Journal of Computer Information Systems. Prof. Sun is currently serving as a Senior Editor for Information Technology & People, and an Associate Editor for Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Journal of Global Information Management. He is a member of the council of the China Association for Information Systems.