Call for Papers (Flyer)

Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

Agent-based commerce

electronic auctions

e-business models
B2C and B2B EC
consumer behavior
customer relationship management and data mining recommender systems
Internet search engines and Web mining big data analytics social media and commerce analytics
responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence
pricing and marketing
digital economy and digital transformation
e-government, public policy and digital divide issues
electronic payment systems
sharing economy
IT and e-services exchanges and electronic marketplaces
E-Commerce in supply chain and inventory management
legal issues in E-Commerce (industry studies and case analysis)
economic and management science modeling
organizational and theory-building research
empirical studies of E-Commerce problems
behavioral studies of E-Commerce issues
protocols, technology and process standards for E-Commerce (transformation of industries)
security and trust
credit card and smart card applications
mobile-Commerce and ubiquitous computing
inter-organizational systems in E-Commerce
emerging technologies and technological innovation

Electronic Commerce in the Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots and voice assistants in e-Commerce transaction and customer service
Personalization in marketing and sales using AI
AI-based smart supply chain management
AI-based financial technology
AI for risk control and management in e-Commerce
Fake information and social manipulation
AI ethics, and policy and governance issues
Safety, privacy, personal information protection issues in AI applications
Application of Blockchain technology in e-Commerce
Localization based service in e-Commerce
Cross-cultural issues in eCommerce
Emerging issues in E-Commerce under Pacific Asia.
Academia-industry collaboration issues in AI
Theory buildings in AI studies